Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I recently discovered i have a raging crush on Mike Hranica. Who could blame me?

This is one of two Intaglio prints i made at tafe. The theme set by our teacher was 'imaginary landscape' so i thought a tree man would be pretty neat. Not even a giant or anything. Just a dude growing himself a little forest for moths and ladybeetles to play in.
The process involved various layers of wax on a zinc plate being drawn or imprinted into and eaten away by acid. It's printed on beautiful paper specially made for this type of process and i'm probably gonna put one up for sale in my etsy shop when it's all up and running. I love these guys and i especially loved making them so i'm gonna frame one for myself.

One off zine, nothing special just a few doodles of creepy creatures. This is probably gonna remain lying around in the junk pile that is my room forever.

I wish i had a proper studio. But this is still pretty sweet for now.
Walls are graced by the glorious works of Rik Lee, Joel Birch and Mel Stringer.

And that big painting on the desk is of the cover photo from the Amity Afflictions Youngblood album. I keep stopping and starting it but i really want to get it finished in the next week. I'll try and update my progress.

I have an obsession with old houses and castles. So much so i even have one permanently on my arm. I just find them so fascinating. I love that promise of mystery and adventure that lingers around them. I love dilapidation and decay and their creepy grandeur. I'm hoping to start collecting dolls houses but haven't found any pretty or detailed enough for my liking, but i'll continue to scour opshops till i do!



Today is Wednesday and i am:
- Watching the Nanny. Fran Drescher you slay me.
- Trying to ignore my forever cold feet.
- Procrastinating.

Today i decided to completely overhaul this blog and delete everything because i felt the need for something new. Yay Shiny! So now this blog is all about my art, and other bits of useless goings on in my life. And what better than to start it off than with a gratuitous picture of half my face. Hoo-rah.
That it will never come again
is what makes life so sweet.

Emily Dickinson